Talented and experienced instructors

You can be sure of the highest quality tuition and training from our team of instructors

While Korean kickboxing is a relatively new discipline our instructors have plenty of experience with it. Our instructors come from a background of both Taekwon-Do and Muay Thai - the martial arts that Korean Kickboxing  is based on. You can be assured that the training you will receive is of the highest quality.

Highly qualified and eager to train you

All of our instructors are:

  • Highly professional.
  • Friendly and welcoming to new comers.
  • Fully CRB checked.
  • Qualified first-aiders.
  • Have more than 10 years' experience.
  • Attend regular courses to maintain high standards of instruction.

A burning passion for martial arts & Kickboxing in Reading

We have some of the best Korean Kickboxing instructors in Reading, most of who have regularly competed at competition level and have more than 10 years of experience each in martial arts training.

Our main instructor at Korean Kickboxing is Master Andy Whiteley. He has a background in Taekwon-Do, starting Martial Arts from the age of seven. He competed at international level until 2006 and achieved master level in 2007. Master Whiteley was England Team Captain from 1994 until 1998 and was Head Coach until 2006. He's performed demonstrations for HRH The Queen in 2002, and HRH Princess Anne in 2004, and in the Royal Albert Hall in 2007. He is currently an international instructor and umpire, and specialises in personal training for kickboxers.  As a personal trainer and technical coach to Team McIntyre since 1997, they have achieved ISKA Intercontinental, WKA and IMKO World Muaythai titles.

Two men kickboxing in a ring.

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