Why should you choose Korean Kickboxing in Reading?

A new type of martial art.

Korean Kickboxing is a combination of two martial art styles - Muay Thai and Taekwon-Do. It's an exciting style that combines the footwork and kicks of Taekwon-Do with the strikes and blocks of Muay Thai. It's a fast and exciting martial art that's tons of fun, so contact us today.

Korean Kickboxing - a dynamic sport

There are plenty of reasons why you should take up Korean Kickboxing, these include:

  • Great means of self defence.
  • Practice alone or with others.
  • Effective stress relief.
  • Get fit whilst having fun.
  • Develop discipline and self confidence.
When you come to train with us you will experience a range of activities. Sessions are a mixture of padwork, sparring, and flexibility and strength conditioning. The training regimes are made so that you will improve both your kickboxing skills and fitness levels every week. 

Korean Kickboxing in Reading will give you a full body work out and is more enjoyable and rewarding than going to the gym.
One man kicking another in a martial arts environment.

Do you want to learn how to kickbox in Reading? Contact us on
0118 329 0202 

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